I’m so excited to be launch this new venture.. Photography is a fantastic skill for life , it not only develops creativity, it builds confidence, stimulates motor skills and encourages questioning. It is also a great tool for mental health and wellbeing, simply by shifting your focus and getting out and capturing the world around you, you […]


Apr 12, 2021

PHOTOGRAPHERS CHECKLIST….. getting organised. So things are steadily opening up again and soon , fingers crossed we will all have a little more freedom. I’ve started to shoot commercial projects and location portraits again which is soooooo good and very soon weddings too! It’s amazing how quickly you get out of a routine , I […]

A beautiful new wedding venue in the heart of Essex.

I had a ball shooting the dancers at Woodbridge School last week when they were rehearsing for their show.    

I love the antics on a wedding morning. Hayley & Ollie’s wedding